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Men Tie And Dyed - RDKLU - Hand Tie & Dye Tee#14
Men Tie And Dyed - RDKLU - Hand Tie & Dye Tee#14
Men Tie And Dyed - RDKLU - Hand Tie & Dye Tee#14
Men Tie And Dyed - RDKLU - Hand Tie & Dye Tee#14
Men Tie And Dyed - RDKLU - Hand Tie & Dye Tee#14

RDKLU - Hand Tie & Dye Tee#14

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  • Fabric : 100% Cotton Breathable Fabric
  • Pattern Type : Tie & Dye
  • FAQ
Stunning effects created by folding, scrunching, binding, or twisting a fabric or a garment before dyeing it in bold and vibrant colors is what makes one of the most historic art stand apart. With the masterpiece being created with a splash of colors and brilliant patterns, you would not want to wash them the wrong way and ensure that they last long.
Tips -
The tips below will help you keep your tie-dye bright and vibrant wash after wash:
  • Turn Tie-Dye Garments Inside Out Before Washing.
  • Wash Them Separately For A Couple Of Washes.
  • Hand Wash Is Preferred But Delicate Machine Cycle Can Be Used.
  • Use Cold Water And Mild Detergent. Rinse Out Till Color Bleeding Stops.
  • Try Soaking Tie-Dye Garments In Equal Parts Of Vinegar And Water. Vinegar Helps In Colorfastness And Thus Will Ensure Your Garment Stays Vibrant.
  • Always Air Dry And Away From Direct Sunlight To Prevent Colors From Fading.
  • Iron At Moderate Temperature.
  • Free Shipping On All Orders.
  • Delivery Time Period - Average - 7 to 9 Days.
  • Cotton & Tie Dye Pieces May Take Longer Time In Rare Cases.

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